Typical cuisinefrom the Ebro Delta

Family tradition


Traditional and regionaldishes, seafood cuisineand home cooking

Frogs’ legs, xapadillo (dried salted eel), smoked eel,a variety of rices and fine pasta-based paella, fresh fishand a selection of meats. These dishes are prepared usingold recipes updated by ourchef Lorena with signature dishes, elaborated withlocal fresh produce

A variety of menusand a wide selection of à la carte dishes

We can also offer special menusfor your celebrations or for groups.


Desserts usinglocal grandmothers’ recipeswith the very bestof modern patisserie

Rustic lemon pie, crème brûlée,typical blancmange served with fig preserve, tiramisu mousseor white chocolate cheesecake served withhomemade jams.